Stage name: 박시후 / Park Si Hoo
Real name: 박평호 / Park Pyeong Ho
Born: April 3, 1978, Eunsanmyeon, Buyeo County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Education: Hanyang University – Theater and Film
Profession: Actor
Height: 182cm
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Family: Father (used to be fashion/CF model in the 1960s and 1970s), mother, younger brother (former baseball player for the Hyundai Unicorns) Park Woo Ho
Agency; HOO factory


Park Si Hoo started his career in theater in 1997 using his real name Park Pyeong Ho. He put up posters, handed out flyers and appeared as an extra or in bit parts on stage leading to his acting debut in the play “The Twelve Nyang Life”. At the same time he was working as an underwear model before being cast in a bit part in episodes 1 and 2 of 2005 television series “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”.

Under the stage name Park Si Hoo he starred in supporting roles in the MBC TV series “Let’s Get Married” and “Which Star Are You From?” Park Si Hoo gained more recognition with ” How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” in 2007 and won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards that year. He got more high-profile roles in action adventure series “Iljimae” and weekend drama “Family Honor” in 2008. His role in “Family Honor” was his first leading role.

The breakthrough came in 2010 as the mysterious lawyer Seo In Woo in “Prosecutor Princess”. Park Si Hoo rose to fame and the term “Seo Byun syndrome” was coined for his growing fanbase. Park Si Hoo was so popular with audiences in “Queen of Reversals” that when the series was extended screenwriter Park Ji Eun rewrote the script so that his character, chaebol businessman Goo Yong Shik, would end up with the heroine. Later he won an Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Awards for “Queen of Reversals”.

Park Si Hoo continued his success in 2011 with the Joseon period drama “The Princess’ Man”. He won a Top Excellence Award for his portrayal of a man torn between revenge and love for his enemy’s daughter at the KBS Drama Awards. Fan meetings in Asian countries such as Japan, China and Taiwan consolidated his status as Hallyu star.

In 2012 Park Si Hoo played his first big-screen leading role as a serial killer who became a bestselling author in the film “Confession of Murder”. After shooting the 80-minute music video “Boy” in Thailand he returned to television later that year in the romance drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice”.

After a hiatus of almost a year Park Si Hoo declined the offer for the leading role in 2014 KBS series “Golden Cross” because of his tight schedule. At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 he filmed Chinese movie “Scent” in Shanghai and Busan directed by Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan. The movie is expected to be released during Summer 2014.

In November 2013 and January 2014 a photo exhibition was held in respectively Tokyo and Osaka in Japan titled “The Man Who Was There” which were both a huge success for Park Si Hoo.


  • 2005: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang as Hong Chae Rin’s boyfriend (KBS2)
    Let’s Get Married as Kang Jae Ho (MBC)
  • 2006: Which Star Are You From? as Han Jeong Hoon (MBC)
  • 2007: How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor as Yoo Joon Seok (SBS)
  • 2008: Iljimae as Si Hoo/Cha Dol (SBS)
    2008: Family Honor as Lee Kang Seok (SBS)
  • 2010: Queen of Reversals as Goo Yong Shik (MBC)
    2010: Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea (tourism short film)
    2010: Prosecutor Princess as Seo In Woo (SBS)
  • 2011: The Princess’ Man as Kim Seung Yoo (KBS2)
  • 2012: Cheongdam-dong Alice as Cha Seung Jo (SBS)
  • 2016: Neighborhood Hero as Baek Si Yoon (OCN)
  • 2017: My Golden Family as Choi Do Kyung (KBS2)
  • 2018: Lovely Horribly as Yoo Philip (KBS2)
  • 2019: Babel as Cha Woo Hyuk (TV Chosun)


  • 2012: Confession of Murder as Lee Doo Seok
  • 2014: Scent as Kang In Joon (Chinese movie)
  • ?: After Love as Kim Sung Joon (release date not known yet)


  • 2005: Song title: Happiness – Artist: Gavy NJ
    Song title: I Will Still Live – Artist Gary NJ
  • 2006: Song title: I Love You – Artist: Alex Chu & Jisun
    Song title: Very Heartbreaking Words – Artist: Alex Chu & Jisun
  • 2009: Song title: Taste of Separation – Artist: Kim Bum Soo
    Song title: I’ll Be Pretty – Artist: Taru



  • 2007: SBS Drama Awards – New Star Award for How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor
  • 2009: SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Production for Family’s Honor
  • 2010: MBC Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor for Queen of Reversals
  • 2011: Style Icon Awards – SIA’s Discovery
    KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award with Moon Chae Won
    Popularity Award for The Princess’ Man
    Top Excellence Award, Actor
  • 2015: Luxury Brand Model Awards – Hallyu Top Star Award

  • 2011: KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama for The Princess’ Man
  • 2012: Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Actor (TV)
  • 2013: Grand Bell Awards – Best New Actor for Confession of Murder
    (withdrawn later at his own request)


Source: Wikipedia
Credit photo: Sihoorang
Banners edited by Wilma (Peris)


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