“Lovely Horribly” OST for Sale

Cover "Lovely Horribly" OST

The “Lovely Horribly” OST has been released on CD with a
16-pages photobook. There are 24 songs on the OST amongst others the 6 we already know: “Who” by Seung Hee, “Here I am” by Sandeul, “Love One” by Bum Key, “So In Love” by Eun Ha, “In Your Light” by Lee Chang Seob and “My All” by Eun Ga Eun.

CD "Lovely Horribly" OST

You can choose from more than one seller to buy the CD like Yesasia.com, Amazon.co.jp and eBay. However, if you want both CD and photobook I recommend the seller on eBay as Yesasia and Amazon sell only the CD.

Photobook "Lovely Horribly" OST

Click this link for the seller on eBay.

Photobook "Lovely Horribly" OST

I placed my order a few days ago and it will be delivered second half of November/first week December. I can’t wait until it will arrive!

Your order with this eBay seller will also count for the Hanteo and Gaon charts. The more sales, the higher the ranking!

"Lovely Horribly" OST

Credit: eBay, thank you!

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