Atami: The Audience Loved Park Si Hoo 2018.06.28-29

Park Si Hoo’s visit to the Atami Film Festival on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 June 2018 was a big success. The audience loved him so much!

Park Si Hoo Atami Film Festival
His fans came from all over Japan and neighboring countries to give him their full support.

Park Si Hoo Atama Film Festival

Park Si Hoo looked so at ease when being interviewed!

Park Si Hoo Atami Film Festival

In the morning of 29 June Park Si Hoo’s first and successful movie “Confession of Murder” was screened. In the afternoon the special talk show with Park Si Hoo featured this movie. As usual, congratulatory flowers and balloons were present too.

Poster "Confession of Murder"Flowers for Park Si HooFlowers & Balloons for Park Si HooPark Si Hoo told amongst others how his role of Lee Doo Seok came into existence and what struggles he had to go through to give a good interpretation of the character. The car chase scene for example was filmed in mid Winter. During this scene he was only wearing a bathrobe over his swimming trunks. So he was very cold! Also he told it was his third time visiting Atami. Previous times he visited the hot springs which he loves very much. His local fans were very happy hearing this!

The video below gives an impression of Park Si Hoo’s struggles during the car chase.

Credit: Lemon, thank you!

To conclude some pictures of the special talk show, Park Si Hoo together with the interviewer and his departure when all was finished.

Special Talk Show Park Si Hoo

Park Si Hoo & interviewer Atami Film Festival

Departure Park Si Hoo Atami Film Festival

After the Atami Film Festival Park Si Hoo had one day to prepare for his next event on Sunday 1 July 2018! The highly expected ENISHI 2018 aka “Hug Event” at Lake Biwa!

Credit: Atami News & Social Media Park Si Hoo fans, thank you!

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