Park Si Hoo Invited on Mt. Fuji-Atami Film & VR Festival 2018.06.28-29

Park Si Hoo

Park Si Hoo has been invited to attend the Mt. Fuji-Atami Film & VR Film Festival in Japan on June 28-29 oncoming.

Logo Atami Film Festival

  • Opening ceremony with red carpet. Guests, amongst others
    Park Si Hoo, will enter the “Salvation Center Large Hall” starting
    17.00 hours on Thursday June 28;
  • Screening “Confession of Murder” at 10.30 hours in the same venue “Salvation Center Large Hall” on Friday June 29;
  • Special Talk Show with Park Si Hoo at 13.30 hours also in the “Salvation Center Large Hall” on Friday June 29.

Park Si Hoo as Lee Doo Suk
It will be a busy week for Park Si Hoo as he is amidst filming for “Lovely Horribly” as well. Past weekend he shared on Saturday as well as Sunday pictures on his Instagram with reference to his new character Yoo Philip and wishing us also a good weekend!

And last, but not least, the ENISHI 2018 event with the much discussed hug event will be hold on Sunday July 1 oncoming. It was so popular that a second hotel had to be booked for the overnight stays. Park Si Hoo will be very busy with hugging each and every attendee. Please, don’t hug
Park Si Hoo too tight ladies! Leave him space to breathe!

Credit: & Park Si Hoo Instagram

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