Park Si Hoo Back Cover “Hanryu T.O.P.”

Park Si Hoo Back Cover Hanryu T.O.P.
On May 16, 2018 volume 60 of “Hanryu T.O.P.” will be released with
Park Si Hoo on the back cover! It will also feature a special edition of
18 pages on “My Golden Life” as well as report about the event and interview held in Tokyo on April 20, 2018 to celebrate the success of the drama.

Promotion "Hanryu T.O.P." with Park Si Hoo

Mentor is the publisher of “Hanryu Top” and you can pre-order the magazine clicking their link:

“Hanryu T.O.P.” can also be pre-ordered at Amazon Japan. This is much easier for fans not living in Japan on the condition of having a credit card for payment.

Please, be aware this magazine is in Japanese only. Park Si Hoo’s photos will be well worth buying it nevertheless!

Credit: Mentor & Amazon Japan, thank you!

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