Order ENISHI 6-2 & T.O.P. 60 As A Set!

ENISHI 6-2 & T.O.P. as set

Good news for Park Si Hoo’s International Fans! It is possible to order ENISHI 6-2 and Hanryu T.O.P. 60 as a set online!

HMV & Books online offers these two magazines as a set for
2,980 Japanese Yen. Shipping costs from Japan to your country are not included in this price.

If you don’t have an ENISHI subscription and didn’t order Hanryu T.O.P yet, it is a not to miss chance to order the two of them as one set. ENISHI 6-2 is full of gorgeous photos of Park Si Hoo. I’m curious at the special about Park Si Hoo and the report of the “My Golden Life” Event. Coming Wednesday May 23 my copy will be delivered. I’m so excited!

Go to the HMV & Books online website for more information and/or to place your order by clicking this link.

Don’t wait too long with your decision to order or not, because I don’t know how many sets are available!

Credit: HMV & Books online, thank you!

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