New Privacy Law EU

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

Photo credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

On 25 May 2018 the new privacy law “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) went into effect in the European Union of which The Netherlands is part too. The privacy rights of all citizens in the European Union are  regulated uniformly through this law. In short it means, amongst others, everyone, blogowners too, have to ask visitors if they agree with the use of cookies on websites. It must be made clear how personal data are being processed. The most important thing is that all personal data, if any, are handled with utmost care.

You may have noticed some changes already. When you open this website a cookie notice banner shows up at the top of this page and fade away after accepting or continuing to scroll the page. Your consent will be valid for one month. Then the cookie notice banner will show up again asking for your permission.

In case of leaving a comment, you will read a message of Akismet under the comment box. Akismet is helping to reduce spam on this website.

In due time a privacy statement will be added as a new page on top. It is not an easy task to write in a proper way, but I want to comply with the GDPR as best as I am able to. It is my priority to handle all your personal data in a secured way.

It is a good thing Park Si Hoo is not so much in the news at the moment. Otherwise, I might miss a lot! 

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