A Magical Birthday Event 2018.04.01

This year I have been able to attend Park Si Hoo’s Birthday Event for the first time and it was a magical experience!

Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018Check-in for the Birthday Tour was on Saturday March 31, but I arrived at Seoul on March 28 for a two-weeks holiday. My lovely landlady took care of most of my luggage in my room, while I stayed at Imperial Palace Hotel for the Birthday Event.

It was great to meet with all the sisters I only knew from online interactions. Many of them came to greet me. I was really overwhelmed by so much attention. After all, I am just another Park Si Hoo fan who happens to live in The Netherlands!

I enjoyed very much to meet with all of you. It has made my first attendance of the Park Si Hoo Birthday Celebration even more precious. So one more time, thank you all for introducing yourself to me!

Wilma at Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2018

The Celebration was held on 7th floor and the rice wreaths were exhibited in the foyer. Early Sunday it was best to take photos, but as official photos were taken too I don’t have many. Later on it was just too crowded.

International Fans from ParkSihoossi.com
Rice Wreath ParkSihoossi.com
Rice wWeath SihoorangDC Park Sihoo Gallery
Rice Wreath DC GalleryTaiwan Fans
Rice Wreath Taiwan Fans
The group of International fans from Singapore, Malaysia and
The Netherlands shared a table together. We had table 8 which was on second row from stage left from center. We had a good view on stage. As it wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the event, this screen photo from