Episodes 49 & 50 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Scenes episode 49 "My Golden Life"

Thanks to the help of Seo Tae Soo, Choi Do Kyung is appointed as the new Chairman of Haesung Group. Seo Tae Soo gives Seo Ji An a plane ticket to Finland. He wants her to leave within one week to prepare for her studies and start with a new life.

Video episode #49

The family finds out Seo Tae Soo is having stage 4 stomach cancer. They are looking for the availability of a possible treatment. To get
Choi Do Kyung back on his side, grandfather Noh Yang Ho apoligizes to
Seo Ji An for the humiliation and bad treatment he had done to
Seo Tae Soo. Seo Ji An can’t bear with this. When Choi Do Kyung learns that Seo Ji An is leaving for Finland, he tries to stop her from going.

Video episode #50

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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