Overlooked Daughter and Sister in “My Golden Life” Choi Seo Hyun

Scene episode 24 "My Golden Life"

As Park Si Hoo’s fan my first interest is his role of Choi Do Kyung in “My Golden Life”, of course. However, the drama centers around the families Choi and Seo. Until now, most of the talk is about what happens with the couples Choi Do Kyung/Seo Ji An and Seo Ji Soo/Sun Woo Hyuk. As all frequent watchers know, so much more is happening in “My Golden Life” and we would almost forget Choi Do Kyung is having one more younger sister, the one who grew up nearest to him: Choi Seo Hyun!

Scene "My Golden Life"

At the start of the drama I didn’t like Choi Seo Hyun at all. To me she was the prototype of a spoiled rich woman, arrogant and haughty. You should think that she was her mother’s sweetheart, but she behaved so well according to the family rules with no fault at all that she was completely overlooked. She could just have been a piece of furniture! The ignorance was felt much more when the lost daughter Choi Eun Suk surfaced again!

Scene "My Golden Life"

Choi Seo Hyun had developed her own way of releasing all stress. She was clubbing secretly with the help of her driver Ryu which brought her almost in big trouble, because he seduced her deliberately and tried to blackmail her afterwards. Thanks to Seo Ji An ánd Seo Ji Ho the family didn’t come to know about her misfortune.

Scene "My Golden Life"

When Seo Ji An had helped Choi Seo Hyun to buy new clothes after her confrontation with her driver’s unknown wife, her changed attitude towards Seo Ji An made me see her with different eyes. Actually, she is a very lonely and caring young woman trapped in the family cage ruled by her grandfather, chairman of the Haesung Group, Noh Yang Ho.

Scene "My Golden Life"

Unfortunately, Choi Seo Hyun couldn’t enjoy her lost sister’s company for long, because this was shortly before Seo Ji An was kicked out of the house, because she wasn’t Choi Eun Suk after all!

Scene episode 27 "My Golden Life"

However, Choi Seo Hyun stayed in touch with Seo Ji Ho. She appointed him as her new bodyguard and when she needed to release her stress which only accumulated with the entrance of Seo Ji Soo as the real lost daughter Choi Eun Suk, she called him to entertain her. Seo Ji Ho accepted to do this, but he refused to visit clubs with her. Seo Ji Ho learned
Choi Seo Hyun to appreciate doing activities like bowling and reading comics in her free time!

Scene episode 31 "My Golden Life"

Last few episodes it was visible Choi Seo Hyun started to like
Seo Ji Ho. He regards her as his business partner only though. So it’s an one-sided love for now. Choi Seo Hyun looked very disappointed when she was sent home by Seo Ji Ho, although he had problems in selling the second-hand clothes. He did so, because of the difficult family circumstances and to not make it harder for Seo Ji Soo who he still considers his sister too.

Scene "My Golden Life"

It is a pity Choi Do Kyung didn’t and doesn’t pay much attention to his youngest sister at all. He has never shown her the same warm feelings, he seems to have for Seo Ji Soo. As both Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji Soo have left the family house and live in the share house, Choi Seo Hyun is the only Choi child living with parents who have never paid much attention to her. I feel sorry for her and wonder how she will manage to survive in the loveless home. Will she keep seeking support from Seo Ji Ho? Will the two of them come closer to each other? We’ll have eight more episodes to watch how their story will unfold!

Scene "My Golden Life"
Credit: KBS Drama; screen shots by Wilma (Peris), thank you! 

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Overlooked Daughter and Sister in “My Golden Life” Choi Seo Hyun — 2 Comments

  1. Unfortunate for this youngest sister when the older ones all too caught up in their lives. Such is the thing that often happened in real life. Perhaps if Choi family including DK come to know her Cinderella night life then we will see more time and attention poured onto her.

    • This is just the one thing Choi Seo Hyun doesn’t want to be discovered, because she knows far too well she is acting against the severe Choi rules Chai Hua. But maybe father Choi will grow fonder to his youngest too because of the influence Seo Ji Soo is having on him now. Her mother wasn’t impressed at all, when she had found out her youngest had taken a DNA test on her parents, because she didn’t seem to be of any importance to them. She didn’t change her attitude for a bit!