Episodes 41 & 42 “My Golden Life” English Subs

Episodes 41 & 42 show the ugly sides of Haesung Group family. First
Choi Do Kyung’s grandfather enters the share house and when he encounters both his grandson and Seo Ji An there, he became very insulting towards her and demands his grandson to come back immediately. Lee Yong Gook stopped Noh Yang Ho from taking further action, because he is the grandson of a much more powerful and wealthier family. Therefore, the share house is a safe place for both Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An. Grandfather’s alternative was going to Seo Tae Su’s house and insulting and hitting him in the face. Not long after Seo Ji An moved into her parents’ house to live with them again.

Video episode #41

After Choi Do Kyung, Seo Ji An and Sun Woo Hyuk prevented Seo Ji Soo from leaving to study abroad by forcing her mother’s car to stop, she was taken to the share house too with the help of Lee Yong Gook.
Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An went to his parents’ house to plead for
Seo Ji Soo to let her live the life she wanted. Now Choi Do Kyung experienced first hand everything he had been told about his mother was the truth, when she shouted loud to stop Seo Ji An from speaking.
Choi Jae Sung learned for the first time that his daughter was forced to study abroad by her mother. He stepped forward to help her.

Video episode #42

Credit: KBS World TV, thank you!

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