Why Choi Do Kyung Fails To Understand Seo Ji An

Scene Episode "My Golden Life"

As the majority of the core “My Golden Life” viewers continues to blame Seo Ji An for Choi Do Kyung’s current struggle with life, it would be good to view the situation from a different angle. Despite loving Choi Do Kyung from the depth of her heart, Seo Ji An can’t accept his heart. He gave her one last chance and then it would be over once and for all. This was the final ultimatum he presented to her. It didn’t work out as Choi Do Kyung wished for. Seo Ji An insisted on her refusal by just nodding her head. She has a very good reason for her refusal, but Choi Do Kyung fails to understand Seo Ji An. Why?

Scene Episode 37 "My Golden Life"

Seo Ji An’s dislike for the chaebol world started when she lost her opportunity to become a regular at Haesung Group to Yoon Ha Jung who was parachuted through connections. Their catfight is still one of my favorite scenes.

Scene episode 2 "My Golden Life"

Then when she was forced to kneel down for chaebol ladies in the parking garage of a department store, because of a misunderstanding. She was dismissed from her part time job nevertheless.

Scene "My Golden Life"

After she had entered the Haesung Group family, she became a regular, because she was parachuted herself as the missed chaebol daughter
Choi Eun Suk, although the family had packed it in a credible story and
Seo Ji An kept the name under which she was known.

Scene "My Golden Life"

This kind of dislike is to overcome when you fall in love with a chaebol son, because it is not mixed with fear yet.

When did fear start to root in Seo Ji An?

Scene "My Golden Life"

The moment Seo Ji An found out her mother had lied that she was
Choi Eun Suk, she wanted to tell Noh Myung Hee right away and ask for forgiveness. However. that same moment she watched how
Noh Myung Hee humiliated the lady who had leaked the news that
Choi Eun Suk had been found. On top of that, Choi Seo Hyun told
Seo Ji An this lady still was lucky. Another employee who had betrayed the loyalty of Haesung Group experienced that the whole family was robbed of their jobs and were left with nothing. That moment Seo Ji An didn’t have the courage to confess anymore and started to think of another solution.


The moment Seo Ji An couldn’t avoid anymore to tell the truth and wanted to ask Choi Do Kyung to side her as he had promised her as part of a deal they had made together, but earlier than the end of the 40th Anniversary Event, he let her down again. Pointing out she was no match for him and the kiss they had exchanged was nothing more than a kiss. She didn’t even get the chance to tell why she had wanted to meet with him!

Scene "My Golden Life"

Then Seo Ji An started to suffer from mental breakdowns. The first one occurred, when Choi Jae Sung confronted her with the result of the DNA test he had taken on her. She wasn’t able and even given the chance to tell her own story. She knew she wasn’t Choi Eun Suk and when she became aware she wasn’t Choi Eun Suk didn’t matter at all. Seo Ji An was treated badly and kicked out of the house in a way which left nothing to guess.

Scene "My Golden Life"

The second mental breakdown occurred, when she saw how Choi Jae Sung was beating up Seo Tae Soo out of anger. This image was more than
Seo Ji An could bear and made her turn away from Seo parents’ house.

scene "My Golden Life"

The third mental breakdown occurred, when Seo Ji Soo didn’t gave
Seo Ji An a chance to tell her why she hadn’t informed her immediately about the lie, but slapped her right away.

Scene "My Golden Life"

This was the moment Seo Ji An disappeared, more death than alive, and made the decision to end her life. She felt responsible for everything what has happened to the people she dearly loved and couldn’t live with the realization that there was nothing she could do to reverse it.

Scene "My Golden Life"

Although Seo Ji An was saved from her attempt to suicide and returned to Seoul with the help of her good friend Sun Woo Hyuk, her dislike of the chaebol world and the fear for the Haesung Group in particular, had so deeply rooted itself in her that a relationship with Choi Do Kyung was out of the question.

Choi Do Kyung knows what Seo Ji An had told his mother, but he doesn’t know how his mother has threated Seo Ji An and her family again, if she would ever dare to go near her son. The way on how Noh Myung Hee insisted mother Seo should tell Seo Ji An she is no longer working for Haesung Group in the restaurant anymore, when she came to pay her the last salary, is one more hidden thread to remind Seo Ji An of what she is capable of to do.

Scene "My Golden Life"

Choi Do Kyung is aware that fear plays a role in Seo Ji An’s refusal to accept his heart, although she had confessed her love to him. However, he fails to understand how justified Seo Ji An’s fear for his family is.
Haesung Group has the money and the power to destroy the lives of all who dare to oppose them. Choi Do Kyung can’t protect Seo Ji An and her family against his family. He can’t even protect himself against them, because he lacks money, power and connections. As long as
Choi Do Kyung doesn’t realize this, he will never be able to understand why Seo Ji An continues to say “no” to him.

Mutual understanding is a must when opposing Haesung Group together. Only then love can overcome fear.

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  1. And Wilma, I thought all you said here with painstaking efforts to describe and explained are absolutely vivid, obvious and clear to every viewer, they were never vague in writer So’s delivery of story, these are no brainer to me this viewer. But alas, to the shock of my life, I am seeing 8 or 9 out of 10 of Park Sihoo’s fans strongly against Jian to the point of being ridiculous. The Jian’s haters wrongly labelled Jian as cold hearted, as selfish, as prejudiced, as over prideful. Fear and Prejudice are TWO completely different things. In Jian’s case, her fear isn’t even imagined, they are REAL Fear, Real Fear from her personal experiences, the bitter taste has yet to fully leave her tongue so to speak, Real Fear. Evidenced by what you have summarised. As one non Park Sihoo’s fan said to me, “not only wrongly labelled Jian as prejudiced, the bigger sin was to gleefully predict Jian’s fall”. Who is acting prejudiced I asked? Time all these Jian’s haters from Park SiHoo’s fans lot ask themselves this question : WHAT is showing up? WHAT is it deep inside that motivates you to be so prejudiced against Jian? What is it? And mistaken Jian’s honourable character to be so negative til the point that Jian, the star of the drama (as Park SiHoo said thanks at his Excellence Best Actor Award speech, thanks to the star of the drama, Hyesun, he said with his hand gestured towards the actress) such gem star of the drama of good humanity, such role such character cannot make the Dokyung role happy? Who is kidding who? Instead of focus on slamming Jian, viewers ought to spur CDK to fight on, to do well til he has the power, the ability and connections to protect Jian from the threat of his family. And with time and revelations, Dokyung will come to fully understand the real fear Jian has about his family and the fear of even being associated with him. Period.

    • Thanks for leaving your comment Chai Hua! It shows I succeeded to explain why Do Kyung and Ji An are not together as a couple yet

      All I hope for is that all these fans who are so against Ji An, because they hold her responsible for Do Kyung’s struggle will reconsider their thoughts and support both leads instead of accusing one of them all the time.

      • I’ve always been on Ji An’s side and approved his reactions, except the gesture of suicide. But the way you put together the motives of hatred for the world of chaebols, and especially the extremely difficult moments through which Ji An passed, alone and without the slightest support from anyone, made me accept that all this could mean too much for any human being, no matter how brave it is. Father Seo’s explanations in ep. 38 also gave a meaning to Ji An’s gesture.
        Your final conclusion it’s correct. They must have a mutual understanding. And I think a first step is the Ji An’s kiss in Do Kyung’s room. It was a surprisingly brave gesture, revealing the overflow of her heart. I hope Do Kyung to remember this kiss as soon as possible.

        • Thanks for leaving your comment too Dana. I saw you had tried multiple times, but the system had put all of them in trash. As I noticed, it was the same comment I have approved one of them. Next time the system should recognize your e-mail address!

          Do Kyung thought he had dreamt about Ji An being in his room while she nursed him for his fever. He didn’t mention about this kiss. Only that she should have known that he doesn’t like invaders in his personal space!

          This kiss could be a key to hold on to Ji An. I too hope he will remember soon! 🙂