Myriad of Feelings in “My Golden Life” 2018.01.13

Ending scene episode 37 "My Golden Life"

Episode 37 of “My Golden Life” showed us a myriad of feelings with in the end the final break up between Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An.

As I already expected, Seo Ji An is blamed to the max for her behaviour towards Choi Do Kyung. “How can she be so cold-hearted after all he has done for her”?

I can understand Seo Ji An very well. She only stayed true to herself, although she knew the consequence would be she could not be with
Choi Do Kyung. This has nothing to do with how much she loves him, for that’s beyond doubt. Seo Ji An clearly told again and again, why she couldn’t be in a relationship with Choi Do Kyung. She has experienced the black side of the Choi family. It made her go through “life and death” which made her realize where and how she can be happy and this is not in Choi Do Kyung’s world and with his family.


During this long conversation Choi Do Kyung didn’t get the meaning of what Seo Ji An meant with “having gone through life and death”. So far Sun Woo Hyuk is the only one who knows Seo Ji An survived an attempt to suicide. If it had not been for her longtime friendship with
Sun Woo Hyuk, Seo Ji An would not have come back to Seoul at all. The only thing Choi Do Kyung caught was that Seo Ji An was serious.

Despite his good intentions to pave the way to be with Seo Ji An,
Choi Do Kyung didn’t succeed yet in making Seo Ji An decide to take his hand and overcome the hurdle that he represents the world and family she has become to dislike so much.

Poster Design Competition "My Golden Life"

Writer So Hyun Kyung gave us a hint which path Seo Ji An might be going to follow. She was looking at the poster for a design competition being prized with a scholarship for tuition. Her boss advised her earlier to develop her design talent. More or less, Choi Do Kyung is looking down on her for doing carpentry only now. Not that this would be the reason for Seo Ji An to take part in this competition. She does want to develop her artistic skills which have been dormant for so long!

It could mean Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An would go separate ways which could make the break up better to bear with for each of them. And who knows how they will face each other after a time of separation?

Also, will Choi Do Kyung continue the path to be independent of his family without the backing of Seo Ji An? Does his motivation come from inside and will he go on? Or will he return to his family as Seo Ji An thinks is best for him?

The preview for episode 38 shows us Choi Do Kyung is experiencing the dark side of his family now too. How will he deal with this?

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi, thank you!

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Myriad of Feelings in “My Golden Life” 2018.01.13 — 10 Comments

  1. I have yet to watch episode 36 in an hour’s time. Nevertheless i have never imagined the path of their love is so easily solved by merely Jian accepting to become his lover. If i am in her shoes i too absolutely would not go near that ravine into a pool of crocodiles even if the man I love, CDK is the last man left in this world, not until i can see light at the end of the tunnel meaning the Chois wake up from their values. The young man Choi has woken up but one cannot be too naive to think he is allowed to live his own life scott free from the claws and teeth of those crocodiles or the leader of the pack of the crocodiles. Seo Jian you have my support from day 1. Your ability to think with basic common sense does not seem to be the norm in this era of fake news is news, alternative truth is truth. That sadly is the reason Jian you get blamed to the maximum.

    • Thanks for your comment Chai Hua! It’s good to know Seo Ji An has support too, although it’s the minority of the ones who are viewing.

      Just watched episode 38 and the drama is developing so good! But I know I am standing alone with this view! 🙂

      Enjoy watching episode 36 which is airing now!

  2. Wilma and Chai Hua, I like your comments and maybe they can console me with your clever understanding of Jian’s behaviour and fear , at the same time, of being involved with Choi family again. I suffer for their sad destiny , and I’m angry of his family’s selfishness and self-interest :”He is ours, and he will come back.”, as his greedy grandpa says with satisfaction, trying by all means to stop his grandson’s desire for his independence. I hope this period will strengthen them more , will help them achieve their dreams, and be again together.I’m waiting with eagerness to watch episode 38.

    • Thanks for your comment Stefania!

      Things are not going easy, but the drama as a whole is a gem. Both Do Kyung and Ji An still have a long way to go before they will be able to continue as a couple.

      All ties between the Seo and the Choi family seem to have been broken now. Mother Seo is no longer working in the restaurant. Concern for father Seo brought the family together again. Whereas it looks like the Choi family is falling apart. Finally, father Choi is protesting in his own way!

  3. Thank you for your compassionate take on Ji An. I am really shocked by some people turning on Ji An over her doing what she thinks is best for her. Her dealings with his family almost caused her to kill herself and she clearly still is terrified of them. She is correctly afraid of their power to destroy her and her family’s life on a whim. Why would any sane person go into a situation like that? I feel like Do Kyung doesn’t get that and that is where he fails to be able to win her heart.

    • Thank you for visiting this blog and leaving your comment Terry! 🙂

      Ji An is very compassionate woman. Always thinking of others first and herself last. I never understood why Ji An is judged so badly by many. She is doing the best she can within her own possibilities!

      An interesting point, why Do Kyung fails to be able to win Ji An’s heart. Maybe he can’t put himself into her shoes as he is a member of this family himself? Then what could open his eyes and realize the depth of Ji An’s fear for his family? I don’t hope so, but maybe only when his family attacks Ji An in person because of him not returning home despite the frustration of his first business opportunity. 🙁

  4. I am supposed to be on the run however cannot resist to say briefly regarding CDK failed to win Jian’s heart. In my view he has won her heart. Jian is a person loyal and honest about her feeling. However the writings on the walls are clear Jian will face unfair consequences at this stage of Choi faimly evolution. Everything takes time every stage can only be reached after some previous stage has been experienced. So patience. Universe will help when the love is there. CDK too will understand Jian’s reservations when he realized the clash of 2 families was the reason that made Jian so ashamed of herself that she attempted suicide. He will understand this woman’s level of conscience is of very high level her self esteem is not derived at just fulling her personal desires of love and living. Her self esteem rests almost at “world peace ” platform be4 she would take her own slice of the peaceful cake. Ok i run now…

  5. P.s as Terry said not only Jian ‘s life is at stake her whole family ‘s too can be destroyed by a whim of Choi ‘s. Isn’t this enough to thread the path of love carefully?

    • Thanks for your insightful reply, although you have to run Chai Hua!

      Yes, I agree with you that Do Kyung is already in Ji An’s heart. If not for the fear what his family might do to her family, she would have taken his hand without hesitation. Indirectly Noh Myung Hee, Do Kyung’s mother, has already threatened her family and her, during their confrontation in episodes 37/38, if she would ever dare to start something with Do Kyung and keep him from returning home. Although Ji An said that Do Kyung’s returning home is beyond her power with refusing to take his hand, she hopes he will finally return home. However, Do Kyung is not responding with returning home…..

  6. I am here again because my earlier comment I haven’t said Hi to Stefania! Hi My Dear Stefania, be patient about these 2 tragic love birds. We just cannot rush things. Each of the two can only do what is most logical in front of each of them. Jian’s refusal to DK means she herself suffers more inside but for now we cannot expect Jian to ignore all the danger warning signs. DK’s love path is harder than any other man of his lot because he dares to take the road less travelled therefore naturally he has more hurdles to overcome. But I have faith in him he will get there. Slow and steady. Their love will be much sweeter when the time is right when a life together is achievable without threats. So as audiences we watch with faith in story teller. Remember my suggestion? Don’t judge. Just try to understand why Jian has to act like that despite our eyes can see our hearts can feel that she does love him.