“My Golden Life” Episodes 39 & 40 English Subs

Scene Episode 40 "My Golden Life"

Episodes 39 and 40 were so emotional. Choi Do Kyung was very frustrated that Seo Ji An kept pushing him away. Then he started to investigate what had happened with her in Incheon. Fisherman Gong told him Seo Ji An’s story and then he understood why she couldn’t start something with him.

Video episode #39

Sun Woo Hyuk and Seo Ji Soo had started to date, but when he saw
Seo Ji Ho with Seo Ji An and learned he was her younger brother, he found out the truth about Seo Ji Soo’s family background. At the same time
Noh Myung Hee threatened Seo Ji Soo to ruin Sun Woo Hyuk’s family, if she continued to see him. Although Seo Ji Soo intended to finish the dates with Sun Woo Hyuk, he was the one who broke up first. Chairman
Noh Yang Ho had found out Choi Do Kyung’s and Seo Ji An’s whereabouts and entered the share house.

Video episode #40

Credit: KBS World TV, thank you!

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