“My Golden Life” Episodes 37 & 38 English Subs

Scenes Episode 37 "My Golden Life"

In episodes 37 and 38 Seo Ji An didn’t change her mind concerning her refusal to start something with Choi Do Kyung. She assured
Noh Myung Hee she hadn’t and didn’t want anything with Choi Do Kyung and had no intention to ever return to the Haesung Group family.
Noh Myung Hee was quite shocked with Seo Ji An’s boldness. So was
Choi Do Kyung who went to visit his mother and learned from her what
Seo Ji An had said to her.

Video episode #37

Choi Do Kyung couldn’t take that Seo Ji An didn’t get her last chance to accept his heart and shouted out of frustation to her: “Why are you so hard to get?” He released his frustration with running in the ice cold, snowy playground without jacket and fell ill after coming back to the share house. Seo Ji An nursed him during the night to bring down his fever. He thought he was only dreaming about her….

Video episode #38

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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