“My Golden Life” Episodes 35 & 36 English Subs

Scenes epiosde 35 "My Golden Life"

Although Seo Ji An confessed her love to Choi Do Kyung, she also told him she had no intention to start something with him.  Her experiences with his world taught her she could not be happy there. Still they grew closer to each other and had good times at the flower market.

Video episode #35

An unexpected encounter with Noh Myung Hee, Choi Do Kyung’s mother, shakes Seo Ji An. After this meeting she went to her mother, Mi Jung, in the restaurant for the first time since her return to Seoul, because she didn’t understand why her mother still worked there. The news of
Jang So Ra’s marriage in the USA caused Noh Myung Hee to go after the woman who made Choi Do Kyung leave the house. She learned through
Ji Soo where she could meet with Seo Ji An and forced a new meeting to express her disapproval and ask for her son’s whereabouts.

Video episode #36

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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