“My Golden Life” Episodes 33 & 34 English Subs

Scenes Episode 33 & 34 "My Golden Life"

In episode 33 both Ji An and Hyuk are surprised to see Do Kyung in the shared house when they return from a drink. Yong Gook and Do Kyung happen to be friends and Do Kyung will share the room with Hyuk. Only then Ji An finds out Do Kyung isn’t going to Europe but kicked out of the house as he wanted to live on his own and start his own business. She felt cheated because of the lunch they shared, but Do Kyung said he liked it and was prepared for the beating up!

Episode 33

In episode 34 Do Kyung is working two jobs. One at daytime and one at night to make a living and prepare a surprise for Ji An’s birthday on Christmas Day. Ji An is worried about Do Kyung, because she heard he had hurt himself and despite his hurt hand cooked a surprise meal for her. At the bus stop Do Kyung has another surprise for Ji An for her birthday. Finally, although scolding him at first, Ji An admits she likes Do Kyung.

Episode 34

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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