“My Golden Life” Episodes 31 & 32 English Subs

Scenes Episode 32 "My Golden Life"

In episode 31 Choi Do Kyung takes the decision to live on his own and starts his own business independent of Haesung Group. He submits his resignation to his parents who can’t believe their eyes. When nothing helps to change Do Kyung’s mind his grandfather, Chairman Noh, kicks him out of the family and the house with nothing more than the clothes he wears and some cash in his wallet. He has to leave everything behind.

Episode 31

In episode 32 Choi Do Kyung wanders around to find a place to sleep and find a job to feed himself. Most of the cash he spent on buying new clothes, a backpack and a one night stay in a hotel. His best friend refuses to help him and tells him to go back to the family. Seo Ji An who thinks
Choi Do Kyung is going to Europe soon, is having lunch with him and they spend a nice time together at a familiar place, Namdaemun Market.

Episode 32

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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