My Golden Life: Each Going Their Own Way……Are They?

Scenes episode 38 "My Golden Life"

After the break up with Seo Ji An, Choi Do Kyung ran himself ill in the cold snowy playground to release his frustration without wearing his jacket! As they are still living in the same share house Seo Ji an noticed
Choi Do Kyung’s bad condition when he returned. Each of them are supposed to go their own way, but are they?


Break up or not, how could Seo Ji An have ignored that Choi Do Kyung didn’t take the medicine she had put in front of his door? She was worried about him, when she heard him groaning and nursed him to bring the fever down. Without her care for him, Choi Do Kyung would have had a chance of double pneunomia. He was that seriously ill!

Scene episode 38 "My Golden Life"

Seo Ji An’s mind was occupied with how serious her father’s illness was, after he had collapsed in front of the house. A paramedic of the hospital had warned her. Father Seo refused to have examinations, but his wife and children insisted on this because of the history of stomach cancer in the family. After the examinations father Seo refused to stay at the hospital and returned home, where he disappeared when the others were still sleeping. Seo Ji An slept in her old room that night. This sad happening brought the family back together again. Except for Seo Ji Soo. Seo Ji An said they should wait for the result of the examinations to come out before notifying her.

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung (My Golden Life)

As Choi Do Kyung’s first business opportunity had failed because of his grandfather’s doings, his main concern was earning his living expenses again. His former secretary Yoobi asked him to work together on an icy cold job which paid well. Yoobi had resigned from the Haesung Company. In the mean time Choi Do Kyung should think of a new business plan. His friend Yong Gook had advised him to start with a small business plan first.

Scene episode 38 "My Golden Life"

A housemate had made Choi Do Kyung realize his dream about Seo Ji An nursing him had not been a dream at all. After Seo Ji An returned from her night at the Seo family house, Choi Do Kyung confronted her with this. Their confrontation ended with Choi Do Kyung saying his wish to be independent and staying in the share house had nothing to do with her anymore.

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung (My Golden Life)

As soon as Choi Do Kyung was outside he wondered why Seo Ji An looked like a mess and seemed to have cried when she had spent the night at her parents’ house though. He knew this from Sun Woo Hyuk. Why should he care about Seo Ji An, while he just told her that his life was not about her anymore?

Each going their own way, while Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An are still living in the same house is not an easy thing to do. So I wonder how writer So Hyun Kyung is going to solve this issue? In my opinion, we will only know if Choi Do Kyung really continues his quest to be independent of his family and starts up his own business without the backing of Seo Ji An, when he is separated from her.

Only then we will know too, if Seo Ji An can stand with her decision to not start something with Choi Do Kyung because of his family background. But then, Choi Do Kyung had said Seo Ji An would only get one chance from him before the break up and she refused to take that chance. So from this point of view, a relationship between Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An can only exist in our imagination!

However, miracles still happen! Which miracle does writer So Hyun Kyung have in store for us? And how long will she have us wait for that miracle? Questions, questions, questions. The end of each episode always leaves us with new questions!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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My Golden Life: Each Going Their Own Way……Are They? — 2 Comments

  1. Brilliant analyses you make for each episode, Wilma! Clearly, objectif and pointly. Thank you, you make me understand the story better. And, like you, I believe the scriptwriter have some miracles for main characters and, of course for us.