My Golden Life: Will Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An Go Separate Ways?

Preview Scene Episode 27

Although a majority seems to have concluded Choi Do Kyung will finally give up on Seo Ji An, after they saw the preview for episode 27, I am not really convinced. Even though he sent her back the dolls and met with
Jang So Ra, his wife-to-be of the arranged marriage, there is just too much pain in his eyes at the last scene of the preview.

Preview Scene Episode 27 "My Golden Life"

Also there was a change in the look of his eyes, when he heard the sound of Seo Ji An’s voice after he had already turned his back to her. Hopeful surprise? Maybe Choi Do Kyung is hoping Seo Ji An will say something to prevent they will part ways for good? What Seo Ji An is going to say we’ll have to wait until tomorrow, Saturday December 2, 19:55h Korean Time at KBS 2TV!

In the mean time, enjoy the preview for episode 27!

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