My Golden Life: When The Heart Is In Play

Scene episode 27 "My Golden Life"

Seemingly Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An have split up and are going their own way. If the mind makes a decision, you can still be not at ease, when the heart is in play. Scenes throughout episode 27 are showing us this is what both Choi Do Kyung and Seo Ji An are dealing with.

No matter how Choi Do Kyung tries to cut ties with Seo Ji An, he feels her presence everywhere. Even while having his first date with Jang So Ra. Choi Do Kyung was upset when he saw Seo Ji An entering the house in the company of Sun Woo Hyuk where he had returned the box with the figurines. At the end of his date with Jang So Ra though, after her question when to get engaged, he rashly suggests to marry straight away without being engaged first! Can you imagine Choi Do Kyung is doing such a thing? Before he admitted to Seo Ji An he had been a coward and this last action of his indicates he still is! Bad move Choi Do Kyung!

The preview for episode 28 shows that thanks to Jang So Ra who wants to know if Choi Do Kyung has a woman he loves very much and what he intends to do with her, he finally realizes his true feelings for Seo Ji An! The preview doesn’t show how this will influence his supposed marriage with Jang So Ra, but it does show he is on the edge of having a car accident because of his distracted thoughts!

Preview episode 28

Credit: KBS Drama & sihoossi, thank you!

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