My Golden Life: No Marriage Without Love

Do Kyung: No Marriage Without Love

Choi Do Kyung broke the news to his parents and they scolded him. His argument that he couldn’t marry Jang So Ra, because he didn’t love her was considered inappropriate.

Choi Do Kyung & Jang So Ra Episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Jang So Ra can’t agree with the cancellation of the engagement and marriage. She is not courageous enough to tell her family.

Scene episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Do Kyung is determined to win Seo Ji An’s heart. Although Ji An ignores him and finally, scolds him again for being insistent on meeting with her, while she doesn’t want to, Do Kyung feels relieved because: “You’re 80% back to the old Ji An!”

Scene episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Hyuk takes Do Kyung apart and wants to know why he is still after Ji An when he can’t take responsibility. He should not shake Ji An’s heart.
Do Kyung says he can take responsibility and understands Hyuk’s concerns.

Scene episode 29 "My Golden Life"

Ji Soo is going through a lot too. She feels deserted by father Seo who came to apologize and say goodbye to her. Moreover, Ji An told her earlier as well they had nothing to do with each other anymore. Ji Soo decides to do the training so that she can be presented as Choi Eun Suk at the
40th anniversary event. It was a shock already to hear that she should behave and look like Ji An. She thought she could do it, because it was “only for a minute”. Shortly before the announcement Ji Soo sees in a window how much she looks like Ji An and after hearing this has to be because of the in-laws and the arranged marriages, she gets scared and rans away instead of entering the stage for her one minute speech…….

Preview episode 30

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Tomorrow’s episode 30 will be interesting. Do Kyung tells So Ra’s mother he won’t marry her. His punishment will be relegation to the Europe branch. What will happen with Ji Soo after she ran away and embarrassed grandfather? I am really curious with what purpose So Ra is ordering an engagement present with Ji An. Is she trying to get Ji An out of the way so that Do Kyung will change his mind and go through with the arranged marriage despite what he has said? Or is she trying to find out about
Ji An’s real feelings for 
Do Kyung? Will we know tomorrow or do we have to wait until next weekend?

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