My Golden Life: From Proposal to Cancellation!

In episodes 27 of 28 of last weekend Jang So Ra played an important role in Choi Do Kyung’s realization that Seo Ji An is the woman he loves! Although he couldn’t get her out of his head, he had no clue that love was involved!

Jang So Ra in episode 27 "My Golden Life"

At the end of their first date, which both of them very much enjoyed,
Choi Do Kyung proposed to Jang So Ra and suggested they should skip the engagement.

Scene episode 27 "My Golden Life"

Jang So Ra insisted on the engagement though, because going straight into marriage would cause gossip about the reason why they didn’t engage first!

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Next day, while having lunch with his good friend Kim Gi Jae, Jang So Ra called Choi Do Kyung to join her at the skating rink. Of course, he headed to her immediately!


On their way back in the car Jang So Ra embarrassed Choi Do Kyung asking him if he had a woman he loves very much and what he was going to do about her? Jang So Ra didn’t intend to live in the shadow of this woman. From the look in his eyes and because he barely touched her at the skating rink, she was sure he was already having a woman in his heart! Choi Do Kyung didn’t look at ease, but he denied.

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Neverthelesss, Choi Do Kyung went back to his friend Kim Gi Jae to ask him about what he had said about how he looked at Seo Ji An during the anniversary event. After hearing this again Choi Do Kyung got agitated and asked “How did Jang So Ra find out”? Then Kim Gi Jae made him aware about the question Choi Do Kyung had asked himself. For the first time Choi Do Kyung expressed Seo Ji An meant a lot more to him than he had acknowledged before!

Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"Scene episode 28 "My Golden Life"
Choi Do Kyung had to experience an almost fatal car crash first to make him fully aware of the depth of his love for Seo Ji An:

“She was the first who said I had a tough life. She was the first who pitified me. She was the first who changed me. She is the woman I came to love…….. Ji An!”

Choi Do Kyung’s next step was to break the shocking news to his parents that he was not going to be engaged nor to get married with Jang So Ra. He can’t not marry with a woman, he doesn’t love!

Episode 29 onwards will show us how his parents are going to take this very unwelcoming news! The Choi family is already coping with a crisis which Choi Do Kyung probably is not aware of yet!

Scenes episode 28 "My Golden Life"

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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