“My Golden Life” Episodes 25 & 26 English Subs

Scene Episode 25 "My Golden Life"

At the beginning of episode 25 Choi Do Kyung forces Hyuk to stop his car. Seo Ji An responds coldly at Choi Do Kyung’s commanding words to get out of the car. Finally, Seo Ji An continues her trip with Hyuk and moves into his sister’s shared house. Choi Do Kyung finds out where
Seo Ji An works and comes to see her to tell her he has applied for a position at another company on her behalf, but she doesn’t care. At the police station Choi Do Kyung informs Seo Ji An’s father she is safe and mentions the neighborhood where he has seen her. Seo Tae Su starts to look for his daughter again.

Video episode 25


When Seo Ji An runs into her father unexpectedly, she pushes him away. She wants to live alone and has no intention to return home. Seo Tae Su returns home alone and acts strangely. Grandfather Noh returns to Seoul and is very angry to have found out that Seo Ji An is not his granddaughter. Choi Do Kyung is worried about Seo Ji An’s changed behaviour and keeps finding excuses to meet with her. During one of these visits Seo Ji An finds out that Choi Do Kyung has informed her father about her and gets enraged.

Video episode 26

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