MGL: Choi Do Kyung On His Own, But Not As Planned!

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

Throughout episode 31 of “My Golden Life” Choi Do Kyung was busy preparing for his leave from Haesung Group and the family, but in the end this leave did not go not as planned!

Scene episode 31 "My Golden Life"

After Choi Do Kyung’s last visit to Seo Ji An to pay for the lamps, his grandfather was waiting for him in his room. As the parents hadn’t been able to control their son, grandfather had come to put things straight. When Choi Do Kyung insisted on his independency and living on his own, his grandfather took everything of worth away from him, as it had only been given to him because he was the grandson of the Chairman of Haesung Group! Then he made his grandson leave the house empty handed in the freezing cold with nothing but his clothes on and some cash in the wallet! What kind of grandfather is this? He doesn’t have a heart, but a stone in his body!

The preview for episode 32 shows Choi Do Kyung doesn’t intend to come back on his word and starts with a life on his own from scratch. He can’t even rely on his best friend Kim Gi Jae for help! Friend? No, this is not a friend at all!

P.s.: I don’t agree with the translation of Seo Ji An saying “I never want to see Choi Do Kyung again”. It is contradicting with the look on her face and the tears in her eyes. The correct translation would rather be: “I will never see Choi Do Kyung again”. This realization is not making her feel happy at all!

Credit: KBS Drama &, thank you!

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