HOO Factory Re-Activated YouTube Channel

After a silence of three years HOO Factory uploaded new videos on their YouTube Channel. This is their current YouTube banner.

YouTube Banner HOO Factory

The URL for the YouTube Channel:


Today the YT channel is refreshed with the videos of Park Si Hoo’s Instagram and a video with a compilation of the photos on his Instagram.

This same video you will find on HOO Factory’s Google+ account.

Banner Google+ HOO Factory

URL: https://plus.google.com/102439342012919815708

It looks like the fans in the western part of the world will be able to follow Park Si Hoo’s videos and/or photos through these two accounts! As for me, I can’t watch videos uploaded on HOO Factory’s Naver blog and post in my country. So I hope future Naver videos will be uploaded here too!

Credit: HOO Factory YouTube & Google+, thank you!

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