Who Is The Puppet Player in “My Golden Life”?

KBS2TV has aired 20 episodes out of the 50 of “My Golden Life”. Saturday November 11, we will watch episode 21.

What is intriguing me from the start is the question who is setting all the negative events in motion? I call this person the “Puppet Player“.
It must be someone who has been involved from the moment Eun Suk went missing and mother Choi had the car accident. I don’t think this car accident was a coincidence, but set up on purpose to get rid of mother Choi. However, she survived the accident, but Eun Suk went missing for
25 years.

Then mother Choi got a letter stating that Eun Suk was still alive and that this could be proven! This was the first time I asked myself: Who is behind this? It must be someone who knows all ins and out within the Choi Family and has continued to follow Eun Suk’s whereabouts from the moment she went missing! For else, how could that woman know she had to sneak tooth brushes from the Seos’ house for a DNA test?

Scene "My Golden Life"

Due to mother Choi’s own carelessness mother Seo was able to deceive her with mentioning her own daughter Ji An as the lost Eun Suk! Mother Choi never took an extra DNA test again and Ji An didn’t know of her mother’s trick. She truly believed she was the missing daughter
Choi Eun Suk.

The Puppet Player tried a few times to expose Ji An’s true identity before the official announcement by the Choi family.

First attempt: the gossip that the lost Choi daughter Eun Suk was found through which Ji An was forced to introduce herself as Choi Eun Suk at the gallery meeting.

Ji An didn’t know of the switch yet then and survived the test with
Do Kyung’s help. After this meeting Ji An had a drink with 
Do Kyung, when
Do Kyung asked about a scar on Ji An’s small right toe. Then Ji An became aware of imperfections in mother Seo’s conversations in the past showing that Ji An could not be the missing daughter Eun Suk!

Second attempt: the rumor spread on the internet that Do Kyung was involved in a scandal with a woman. A loud no, no, because of the marriage arrangement of Do Kyung with Sora who has not surfaced until today. Grandfather Noh wanted to announce at the board meeting of directors that this woman was the missing daughter Choi Eun Suk. Sooner than planned initially.

Scene "My Golden Life"

Ji An could prevent this by giving a splendid presentation of what had been the motives behind this meeting with Do Kyung. Investigations on
Ji An’s part had already proved that her sister Ji Soo is the real
Choi Eun Suk. Later at an unexpected meeting with Do Kyung, Ji An was not able to bear the truth alone any longer and told Do Kyung the truth. We know the impact of this confession!

Third attempt: sending father Choi a letter stating that Seo Ji An is not Choi Eun Suk!

Scene "My Golden Life"

Father Choi was already suspicious, because Ji An didn’t open the present he gave to her and now he had even more reason to conduct an extra DNA test! After the result the hell broke lose and we are all suffering with Ji An! Being a victim herself, but being treated as a criminal!


Every episode it becomes more complicated to unmask the identity of the Puppet Player and the real motives! Since latest developments it looks like this Puppet Player wants to get rid of Ji An as well! He couldn’t wait until she would confess herself of the switched sisters with the help of
Do Kyung. Without the result of the extra DNA test there might have been a small, really small, chance the Choi parents would have been more considerate with Ji An. Obviously, the Puppet Player wanted Ji An to disappear out of sight completely!

Then I asked myself: why? If the real motive is to discredit the Choi family so much that it would be impossible for them to be the successors of Chairman Noh of Haesung Group, then Ji An would be a huge barrier!

Something Ji An has proved during the short time she has lived with the Choi family is that she is a very smart woman with excellent business skills! In contrary to Ji Soo who isn’t that smart at all and lacks any business skills. The little education she has, she owes to Ji An. So she is no danger for the Puppet Player! Chances are high Ji Soo/Eun Suk will discredit her family unconsciously by her ignorance. Good looks and puppy eyes are not enough to save the Choi family from any disaster!

Ji Soo/Eun Suk "My Golden Life"

Therefore, the Puppet Player must feel very satisfied with the condemnation of Ji An by the Choi parents and their new found daughter
Ji Soo/Eun Suk! One strong opponent less to count with!

Another scandal is in the air for the Choi family. Nobody is talking about it, but the youngest daughter Seo Hyun is being blackmailed by her driver and his wife, after she had had a little aventure with him! Ji An can’t be of help anymore, but Ji Ho, Ji An’s youngest brother, might be her savior!

Then again: Who is the Puppet Player in “My Golden Life”?
PD Kim is directing the camera in a clever way. Everyone thinks of aunt
Jin Hee, but I’m not so sure about that. If so, she doesn’t do it alone. The real genius behind might be her husband.

When Ji An managed to prevent grandfather’s announcement that the woman in the scandal was the lost Choi daughter Eun Suk, he looked even more angry than his wife!

Another person I think knows more than is visible, is GM Min. Not sure about her role in the complot. Maybe she has had an affair with father Choi in the past? At the time of the car accident and the missing of
Eun Suk, father Choi suspected his wife of having a lover and had put someone on her tail! For sure, GM Min knows all ins and outs within the Choi family!

The Puppet Player must be someone with enough money in his pocket to hire a private investigator to follow the doings of all Choi family members for 24/7. When the camera is focused at a situation for a longer period of time, you can trust it is the p.i. at work.

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

I’m not watching “My Golden Life” only because Park Si Hoo is playing
Choi Do Kyung, but also because it has an interesting storyline which changes all the time. To me it is not only a family drama, but also a good detective story! Writer So is doing a splendid job with her writing skills and PD Kim with how he is directing the cameras! It is no wonder that “My Golden Life” has already reached a viewer rating of 36.0%! Writer So and PD Kim and the whole cast of “My Golden Life” deserve a much higher rating soonest possible. The story contains enough elements to make this happen. Like Park Si Hoo said at the start of “My Golden Life”: “It is a drama with many twists and turns!”

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Who Is The Puppet Player in “My Golden Life”? — 2 Comments

  1. Wilma, I like your presumption with the Puppet Player. Too many coincidences , too many interesting set of developments, as you mentioned, that make us talk about what will happen in the future.
    I don’t know if I’m right and if my presumption is correct, but I feel that “something is rotten” with GM Min, knowing everything that happes in the Choi fmily.
    Waiting tonight episode 21.

    • I share your view on GM Min, Stefi! From the start the camera has been directed to her whenever something happened. I’m convinced she is a connecting link in its entirety. Just don’t know how deep her involvement is and who is the one above her.

      Soon we can watch episode 21! It will be highly emotional and hopefully we get some answers to our questions! 🙂