Top Rating 37.9% “My Golden Life” 2017.11.12

Sunday November 12 “My Golden Life” reached highest viewer rating of 37.9%. The expectation is that it will only be a matter of time before 40.0% or higher will be registered.

Scene episode 22 "My Golden Life"
This episode showed a split personality of Ji Soo who entered the home of the Choi family “as she is a daughter of this family”. Her behaviour within the family is rude and harsh.

When Ji Soo is working at the bakery she looks like the Ji Soo from before the truth was known, although her mind seems to be far away often times. Has Ji Soo really changed or is she trying to protect the Seo family with her harsh behaviour towards her real parents? She is angry with both of them and doesn’t hide her anger.

Scene Episode 22 "My Golden Life"

This episode centered around the disappearance of Ji An. Everyone is looking for her except Ji Soo. When oppa Do Kyung asked if Ji An was safely at home, she replied she wasn’t and probably still wasn’t. It didn’t upset her at all. Do Kyung is worried though and doesn’t stop searching for Ji An. He even gets drunk because of his worries and blames himself not having helped Ji An, while he knew she was scared.

The writer didn’t keep us worrying about Ji An till next weekend. At the end of this episode Hyuk found Ji An working at the beach drying seaweed. Although we don’t know what has happened with Ji An after she took the pills, at least we know she is still alive. Her eyes are not sparkling anymore though.

Scene Episode 22 "My Golden Life"

Most likely the next confrontation is in the air already. Ji Soo is on her way back to Hyuk with the cab he called for her. How will she react when she sees that Hyuk has found Ji An? Will she leave the cab and go to them? Or will she silently watch, but tell no one, not even oppa Do Kyung, that Ji An has been found? We all know Ji Soo is in love with Hyuk. We didn’t forget how she treated Ji An during their last meeting. Coming weekend we will know more!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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