My Golden Life: Do Kyung’s Facial Expressions

In episode 25 Do Kyung did a lot of talking. Trying to break through Ji An’s defense. Talking with his secretary. Talking with his friend. Trying to console father Seo without telling where Ji An is staying exactly. Therefore, we could enjoy a lot of Do Kyung’s facial expressions!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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My Golden Life: Do Kyung’s Facial Expressions — 2 Comments

  1. And I do like very much episode 25, especially for PArk Si Hoo’s peerless facial expressions in interpreting DoKyung’s concern, worry, unrest, about Jian’s behaviour towards him. As his secretary says:” I have a bad feeling about this.” , when Do Kyung told him that he wants to know if she is safe, just to check.

    • Yes, Do Kyung’s secretary said this for the first time in episode 25 and for the second time in episode 26. This secretary has a good judgment about what is going on. He knows his boss’ behaviour won’t do any good.