Hyuk’s Efforts to Change Ji An’s Mind Were Rewarded

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung

Do Kyung Desperately Seeking for Ji An

Episode 24 was mostly centered around Hyuk trying to change Ji An’s mind to return with him. In the end, his efforts and patience were rewarded. Hyuk did say something which made Ji An think and decide no longer to pretend she was dead to live. Finally, Do Kyung tracked Ji An, but he had to block Hyuk’s car to stop them. Does he really think Ji An will listen to him, when he shouts at her to get out of the car? We’ll have to wait till next weekend to know how Ji An will respond to Do Kyung’s usual harsh behaviour.

End Scene Episode 24

Finally, Do Kyung found Ji An

This episode also showed the metamorphosis of the old Ji Soo into the chaebol daughter Eun Suk. Well, her appearance has changed, but not her behaviour and Ji Soo still doesn’t want to be called Eun Suk. Well, soon training will start for her and her old life put to an end. Will she do as well as Ji An did?

Scene episode 24 "My Golden Life"

Chaebol daughter Eun Suk

It was great to see how Ji Ho solved the blackmail issue of Seo Hyun. He would be a great detective! Haha, a lawyer too. He is a smooth talker and not scared at all!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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Hyuk’s Efforts to Change Ji An’s Mind Were Rewarded — 2 Comments

  1. Find hyuk and jian compatible, do not like him with ji soo, ji soo no matter how angry cannot slap the sister, just do thing her way, spoilt by the mum, funny thing is she cannot see or feel her mum put more love on her than jian? She should have dead long ago if the family do not save her, ji soo do not deserve anything better, her life should have end long ago. She cannot solve problem but create problem for jian.

    • Hi viveka! Welcome to this blog and thank you for leaving this message. 🙂

      Hyuk and Ji An are good friends from high school time. Thanks to this friendship Hyuk managed to persuade Ji An to come back with him. Finally, Ji An will have a relationship with Do Kyung, but first they have to come to terms with each other.

      I didn’t like Ji Soo from the start. As you say, she is a very spoilt and selfish woman. I wonder if Ji An and Ji Soo will ever can get along together again. So far Ji Soo’s behaviour as the chaebol daughter Eun Suk is getting worse. 🙁