Episode 18: It Ended with a Kiss

Kiss Episode 18 "My Golden Life"

However, not the kiss for the start of a love relationship. No, a very, very sad goodbye kiss. The beginning of the end!

While being drunk after the team celebration of the success of the
40th anniversary opening event, Ji An wanted to say goodbye and thank Do Kyung for being such a good brother and confirm she did well as she wouldn’t have the courage after the end of the event and her confession to the Choi family. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Although Do Kyung stated they should not meet again, he did kiss her!

But how much did this kiss actually mean for him? Personally, I have very mixed feelings, because why kiss someone when you just said you don’t want to meet again? In my opinion, Do Kyung should not have kissed Ji An at all! She barely realized her changed feelings for him. This kiss will only cause Ji An more heartache, because she knows Do Kyung wouldn’t break his word for the marriage commitment with Sora!

That’s not all. As the end of the preview for episode 19 shows, Do Kyung is not even willing to acknowledge what is really in his heart, when Ji An asks for it. “They have to go different paths. Can’t even meet again. So what is there to confirm?” Do Kyung didn’t change a bit. He is the same unfeeling man only living to the rules of his family! Do Kyung is making
Ji An sad …. again.

I don’t know what writer So has in mind for us, but I really hope she will give Ji An the courage to go a fully separate way from Do Kyung, after the 40th anniversary event has ended. Not even accepting the job offer
Do Kyung’s friend Gi Tae will do to her. Maybe when there is not a trace left of Ji An, maybe then Do Kyung will realize the rigidness of his behavior and what he has given up because of that!

Tomorrow, Saturday November 4 at 19:55 KST, we will know more!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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