OST “My Golden Life” Part 1 & 2

Each Korean drama comes with an OST. Part 1 & 2 have been released for the OST of “My Golden Life”!

The first one (Part 1) is called “Beautiful Girl” by Sosim Boys.

Credit: GENIE MUSIC@youtube.com, thank you!

The second one (Part 2) is called “I think I’m in love” by ROO.

Credit: 음악채널큐알@youtube.com, thank you!

I like both of the songs. I didn’t realize the first song was in a clip I used to edit a few clips into one video of episode 4. As soon as I uploaded this video on YouTube I received a warning the video was blocked because of a copyright complaint. So I deleted that video right away. Just be warned to be careful with uploading videos on YouTube regarding “My Golden Life”, because KBS media seems to keep a sharp eye on it.

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