“My Golden Life” Episodes 13 & 14 English Subs

In episode 13 Ji An finds proof that mother Seo has lied to her about being the lost Choi daughter. She wants to beg for forgiveness immediately, but gets terrified with fear when she witnesses how mother Choi punishes the gallery lady who had deceived her.

Episode 13

Episode 14 is one of extremes. Already feeling guilty for hiding the truth for father and mother Choi, Ji An feels even more guilty when they offer her to go study art abroad. She is preparing to tell the truth after the company’s anniversary event. Then a scandal between Ji An and Do Kyung breaks out and grandfather Noh decides to reveal Choi Eun Suk to the board of directors immediately. Ji An manages to explain what has happened without changing identity. However, she gets a mental breakdown when oppa Do Kyung wants to embrace her for this accomplishment and confesses the truth to him. The look in his eyes turns freezing cold……

Episode 14

Credit KBS World TV@youtube.com

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