“My Golden Life” Episodes 11 & 12 English Subs

Episode 11 is my most favorite episode until now! Finally, life is going smoother for Ji An! She has started as a regular employee at Haesung Apparel Marketing Group. Not to everyone’s liking though. Unexpectedly, she had to show up and introduce herself as Choi Eun Suk to a group of ladies at the gallery of mother Choi. Someone leaked the secret! However, Ji An passed the test cum laude with the help of oppa Do Kyung! 🙂

An old scar at her right little toe noticed by Do Kyung brought an old conversation back into Ji An’s mind. The words spoken by mother Seo were not in sync with the time the child Choi Eun Suk got lost! She could not be Choi Eun Suk! Ji An investigated the old case and in the end found proof for her suspicion. She is not Choi Eun Suk, but Seo Ji An!

Credit: KBS World TV@youtube.com, thank you!

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