Living with Fear

That is how to best describe episode 13 for how Seo Ji An lived her life after knowing how mother Seo swapped her with Seo Ji Soo! It caused her nightmares knowing how mother Choi could respond, if she would confess she is not her real daughter!

Ji An isn’t at ease anymore with oppa Do Kyung. She listens to him, but her face is without emotions and she is avoiding to look into his eyes. What a difference after she just had had her victory with the ladies at the gallery!

Episode 13 didn’t bring relief yet for Ji An. While she is in struggle, father and mother Choi offered her to go study abroad to master in art. How will Ji An deal with this?

The preview for episode 14 promises new developments and not all for the good! Someone continues to spread gossips about the Choi family to dishonor them! Ah, less then an hour before we know more!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you!

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