Happy Chuseok 2017.10.04

Today the Korean are celebrating Chuseok! Happy Chuseok everyone!

Chuseok Card 2017

Edited by Wilma (Peris), thanks!

According to the lunar calendar this year Chuseok is from October 3 – 5. Usually, the day before Chuseok people travel to their hometowns to gather with their family and celebrate Chuseok together. They start the day with a ritual bowing for their ancestors, having breakfast and visiting other relatives and/or friends for spending the day together playing games and much more. The day after everyone goes back to their own homes.

This year Chuseok Holidays is longer than those 3 days because of National Foundation Day and Hangeul Day. Therefore, everyone is having an exceptional long holidays from September 30 to October 10!

Unfortunately, Park Si Hoo can’t enjoy the Chuseok Holidays as he is busy filming for “My Golden Life”.

Park Si Hoo Chuseok 2017

Credit photo: Soo Kyeong Jeon Instagram, thank you!

Many people celebrate Chuseok in Hanbok style. Actress Soo Kyeong Jeon who is playing Choi Do Kyung’s aunt in the drama shared this Chuseok greeting on her Instagram. The third person in the photo is
Choi Do Kyung’s father in the drama. I’m sure cast and crew will have a small Chuseok celebration at the film set!

Lastly, I want to share a video from “Talk to me in Korean” where Hyunwoo and Cassie tell more about Chuseok and what you can expect during this time!

Credit: Talk To Me In Korean@youtube.com, thank you!

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