Episode 17: The Awakening of New Feelings

Park Si Hoo as Choi Do KyungEpisode 17 of “My Golden Life” was characterized by the awakening of new feelings between Do Kyung and Ji An. No longer bonded as brother and sister both of them are flooded by new feelings for each other.

Park Si Hoo (Choi Do Kyung) & Shin Hye Sun (Seo Ji An)

Remember when they were in Namdaemun and Do Kyung didn’t want to eat the food Ji An ordered at the restaurant? Look here who’s eating? Do Kyung!

Park Si Hoo (Choi Do Kyung) & Shin Hye Sun (Seo Ji An)

It was wonderful to experience how Cupido was shooting his arrows to both Do Kyung and Ji An!


Although “My Golden Life” is a family drama, it feels like a detective to me at the same time.

From the start I am wondering who took the child Eun Suk out of the car?  Was it her mother’s sister Jin Hee? Somehow I have the feeling the car accident of mother Choi, when she was looking for her lost child, wasn’t a car accident and she wasn’t meant to survive! Then who wanted to get her out of the way? Also I think GM Min is involved in the disappearance and the return of Choi Eun Suk. The camera is often holding on her and her thoughful eyes. She didn’t feel at ease when Do Kyung asked her questions about the DNA test which brought Choi Eun Suk back. And what is the role of this couple?

Scene episode 17 "My Golden Life"

There must be a reason why they are surfacing again. Especially, because at the end of episode 17 father Choi received a letter that Seo Ji An isn’t Choi Eun Suk! The woman in yellow was the one who brought the existence of the lost Choi Eun Suk to the attention of mother Choi!

Remains the ultimate question: who is the puppet player? So far everything seems to be aimed at the fall of mother Choi and the passing of her marriage with father Choi. Seo Ji An is used as a chess piece in the game. I can’t figure out yet, if it was meant to introduce the fake
Choi Eun Suk from the start. If so, then mother Seo is even darker as she has already become, after pushing forward her own daughter as the lost
Choi Eun Suk!

Ah, can’t wait for episode 18! No doubt, hurdles will appear for Do Kyung and Ji An and the feelings of love between them!

Credit: KBS Drama, thank you! screen shots and video by Wilma (Peris)

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