[K STAR] Did You Watch “My Golden Life”? 2017.09.08

K STAR reported about the rise in viewer rating above 20% after 2nd episode of “My Golden Life”!

Tomorrow KBS2 will air 3rd episode of “My Golden Life” and today K STAR uploaded a video in which the two MCs talk about 1st weekend of “My Golden Life”.

A viewer rating above 20% after 2nd episode is considered to be the announcement of a big hit drama! Park Si Hoo’s chemistry and the attractive character of Choi Do Kyung will make this happen!
They are speaking of a successful return after 5 years of Park Si Hoo with a terrestrial drama!
There is a growing interest in the house theater as it is expected that
Park Si Hoo will set up a record through the terrestrial drama he has released in five years!

This is such good news! Finally, Park Si Hoo is back in full lime light! We know his worth and no one can keep Park Si Hoo low any longer!

Credit: K STAR@youtube.com, thank you!

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[K STAR] Did You Watch “My Golden Life”? 2017.09.08 — 2 Comments

  1. The more positive comments about Park SI Hoo on many K. Tv channels, as K STAR, being one of them, the more his come back to the maistream of K. entertainment has been a wonderful idea . And being cast in “My Golde Life” for the lead male role was not a favour for him, but mostly a reward for his excellent acting and professionalism he proved in all his old dramas. This means that he had to be afforded with the best reward , a good role in a good drama.

    • Yes, the base for this role, was laid in the past. That’s why PSH has been casted. Not because they felt sorry for him, but because the director and screen writer were aware of his capacities they needed to interprete the character of Choi Do Kyung!

      Long before this drama became a reality, I knew KBS would be PSH’s comeback to the mainstream broadcasting. That’s why I feel incredibly happy with the current good reviews. 🙂