First Episode “My Golden Life” 2017.09.02

Finally, KBS 2 started with the broadcasting of the weekenddrama “My Golden Life” with Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung on Saturday
September 2, 2017!


I’ve taken a small video from behind my monitor. I can connect with the KBS 2 website player from The Netherlands!

Also, I’ve taken some screen shots to share with you. They are somewhat blurred because of streaming quality, but still it will show the many different facial expressions of Choi Do Kyung and this is only the first episode of the total of 50!


The storyline is very interesting and there is good chemistry between all cast members! Despite my lack of understanding Korean language, I enjoyed watching only to the fullest!

Nielsen has already released the viewer ratings for Saturday and “My Golden Life” ranked first with 19.7% nationwide. That’s the news we were waiting for! I will connect again with KBS our time 12:55h (GMT+2) for watching episode 2!

In case you don’t know or can’t remember how to watch “My Golden Life” when not living in South Korea, read this post again!

How to Watch “My Golden Life” Live

KBS World will start broadcasting with English subtitles next weekend at 21:20h KST and 14:20h (GMT+2, The Netherlands) on September 9, 2017.

Let’s enjoy watching together and give Park Si Hoo our full support!

Credit: KBS and Nielsen, thank you!

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First Episode “My Golden Life” 2017.09.02 — 2 Comments

  1. Finally I’ve watched both episodes of “My Golden Life” , in English, and I was interested, especially,on PSH’s apperances in the drama. Although not too many, it seems that these two episodes facilitate the introduction of each character in the story.
    But from the beginning we meet a gentleman-like young man, , whose motto is “Noblesse Oblige”, very well-mannered, well-educated, who cares for other people,not of his social status. Most eloquent being the chat with So Ji-An, after the unhappy incidents between their cars. He is impressed by her low social conditions, without money to pay the damages, and he decides to sell his car, because she thanked him so much for his undrestanding. I’m waiting to see the evolution of Choi Dokyung in the next episodes. The subject is very intricate, and becomes more exciting from one episode to another, and I like it.
    The rating has erupted unexpectedly well from the very beginnig, meaning the interest of the audience for this drama.
    I’m happy that PSH has accepted this role, whom I think suits to him so well.
    Good luck PSH! A lot of success to the whole team!

    • It is not just PSH. All cast members complete and enhance each other. It is a mix of seasoned actors and young idol like actors. All together they help PSH with a successful comeback on mainstream drama! The storyline is interesting and the sparkles fload around from the start!

      I didn’t watch with English subtitles yet. I know it is possible, but I will give KBS World full credit. Online watching may not be count as much as from behind TV, but it will show interest for the drama and PSH!