Enjoy The Weekend Together with Do Kyung!

Thoughtful Park Si Hoo wishes us to enjoy the weekend together with Do Kyung which will start in less than one hour with episode 7 of “My Golden Life”! ๐Ÿ˜€


How could we forget? Do Kyung, Ji An and all family members, friends and acquaintances are keeping us tied to the continuation of “My Golden Life”! What will they have in store for us?

Just go to:

  1. http://kbs.co.kr
  2. Click OnAir-VOD
  3. Choose KBS2TV from the menu
  4. The player will appear

Enjoy watching everyone!

Credit: Park Si Hoo Weibo & KBS, thank you!

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Enjoy The Weekend Together with Do Kyung! — 8 Comments

  1. Every weekend we are expecting the drama “My Golden Life ” to enjoy the subject, to enjoy Park Si Hoo’s performance,
    Now I’m expecting ep. 8 with great feverishness.

    • This weekend has been an emotional rollercoaster and I have mixed feelings. Well, this only adds to the script and how it is interpreted by all actors!

  2. Hi! I noticed one thing related to the age of woman lead. In one of the episode, her rich father took some personal belongings of her daughter from the memorial hall and looked at the postcard where he congratulated daughter with 11th anniversary. Later, Do Kyung said that he has not seen his sister for 25 years. So, it means that she is 36 years old, or I missed something? I thought that she is something 28 years.

    • Hi Valko, I think the father must have gone to the memorial hall yearly on his lost daughter’s birthday and left something for her like the card he read. The girl went missing when she was three years old. So the age of 28 years is correct!

      The follow ups in the story combined with the flash backs pass by quickly sometimes. You need to watch everything to not lose track in the end.

      Eun Suk/Ji An is second in line of the three Choi children.

    • Yes, it sure is Valko! I think it will raise further next weekend until it gets stable on some point! ๐Ÿ™‚