2nd Episode “My Golden Life” 2017.09.03

Sunday September 3, 2017 KBS aired 2nd episode and this was so good! Most hilarious scene was the cat fight of Seo Ji An and
Choi Do Kyung’s look on his face after he saw Seo Ji An’s head pinch!


A lot happened in this episode. Seo Ji An got out of work, Seo Ji Soo stood up for her sister against Choi Do Kyung and the mothers of Choi Do Kyung and the twin sisters had a confrontation about the lost daughter. Took some screen shots again!

The nationwide viewer ratings of this episode on Nielsen surpassed those of the 1st episode! Saturday it was 1st spot and 19.7%; Sunday it was
1st spot again and 23.7%! This is really great! K Star News brought it up in a news report!

Credit: K STAR@youtube.com, thank you!

Park Si Hoo is back with a blast! Everyone who is not watching “My Golden Life” is missing out big! The whole cast of this drama makes it a must see from start to finish! Can’t wait until coming Saturday and Sunday!

For the viewers who want to watch on KBS World TV remember that “My Golden Life” will be aired with English subtitles starting Saturday September 9, 2017!

Credit: KBS & Nielsen, thank you!

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