Production Presentation “My Golden Life” 2017.08.29 #1

Many, many news reports were released regarding the production presentation of “My Golden Life” held at Amoris, Times Square, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Tuesday August 29, 2017.

Production Presentation "My Golden Life" 2017.08.29

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Park Si Hoo’s appearance on stage before the production presentation to apologize for his long absence attracted most attention. Most of the media linked this apology to the 2013 incident, although it was not mentioned in Park Si Hoo’s speech. He finished the speech with a sincere bow.

Bow Park Si Hoo 2017.08.29

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The video below shows Park Si Hoo’s apology ending with the respectful bow as token of his sincerity.


In short, Park Si Hoo said he was more nervous and trembling than for any other production presentation. It has been a year since he was a local hero and 6 years since KBS’ “The Princess’ Man”. He felt honored to greet with a good work through KBS again. He sincerely apologized for the worries he caused to everyone who always believed in him. He will work hard to not cause worries to the crew, cast and viewers. He asked for love and support for “My Golden Life” which is a good drama and makes him happy.

Credit: Korean media, thank you!

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