HOO Factory Back with a Bang! 2017.08.25

The SNS channels of HOO Factory have been silent for a very long time! Now that first broadcasting weekend of “My Golden Life” is coming closer, HOO Factory is becoming active too!

Naver page HOO Factory

HOO Factory has opened an official page on Naver. Here they will post anything concerned Park Si Hoo from now on! Please, visit this page and if you have a Naver account, do follow as well!

HOO Factory Naver Page: http://post.naver.com/hoofactory_ent

As you can see from the added SNS links communication will go through Instagram and Facebook too!

Park Si Hoo aka Choi Do Kyung

HOO Factory’s first post also shows a welcome video with Park Si Hoo!

Let’s support Park Si Hoo, HOO Factory and “My Golden Life” the best we can!

Credit: HOO Factory, thank you!

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HOO Factory Back with a Bang! 2017.08.25 — 7 Comments

  1. I think I’ve been too enthusiastic, as I can not enter Naver where Hoo Factory has an oficial page.
    I’ve tried to write a message , but I couldn’t.
    So,I’ll wait Instagram and Facebook to release anything about him.
    I’m lost with this intricate communications . Too old for this

    • By now you must have noticed HOO Factory posted in Facebook and Instagram as well, Stefi! I guess this will be their main communication channels from now on: Naver, Instagram and Facebook. So you can leave your supportive comments too Stefi! 😀

  2. Wilma,although with help from my daughter-in-law and my son, I could open an account for HOO Factory on Naver, I can’t use Google Chrome for translation in English. But I can use it to translate in Romanian.A rough one. But I can’t leave a comment, so I’ll use Facebook and Instagram , as you say. And Youtube too, where I have left a comment this morning , in support for PSH. Do you know something about KBS site that started a public opinion poll for the drama “My Golden Life” with pros and antis? As Chai Hua and Dorothy said on Nance’s “Park Si Hoo Group:, the number of likes and dislikes is almost very close”28 -Yes, 25- No.How can we vote for PSH?

  3. Wilma, after many attempts, I ‘ve succeeded ,with Google translation in Romanian to leave a message to Hoo Factory, on Naver, in support of PSH.Written in English, it appeared in Romanian. Doesn’t matter as Google will be of help.

    • I will look for your comment and like Stefi! My Google Chrome (on PC) shows a option function. There I can choose for any language in the list. Works different with phones. Then I get everything translated into Dutch!