First Teaser Weekenddrama “My Golden Life” Starting 2017.09.02

After all the news coming up lately here and there about Park Si Hoo’s upcoming weekenddrama “My Golden Life”, I was on the look out for the teasers. Yes, KBS shared the first one through their YouTube account KBSdrama!


This teaser gives me the feeling we will be presented a family weekenddrama with laughter and fun. Can’t wait till the first episodes will grace our screens! 

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First Teaser Weekenddrama “My Golden Life” Starting 2017.09.02 — 2 Comments

  1. I like K. family dramas, mostly those in which Park Si Hoo plays a role ,as “Family Honor” , which still remains as my favourite K. drama. I hope “My Golden Life” to be also a successful family drama, as well as PSH, playing the male leading role.
    His talent will excel again , enjoying his fans with his acting like in all his K. dramas before. And I’m wating with much impatience 2 September , when the first episode will be aired.

  2. At the moment I’m re-watching “Family Honor”. I did before when I didn’t know PSH for that long yet. I didn’t like the character of LKS first half of the drama. I am looking with different eyes now. Although I still don’t like the type of businessman LKS represents, reading his face when it comes to situations with HDA is quite interesting. Despite their “deal”, LKS fell in love with her from the start!

    I expect a much more matured CDK in “My Golden Life” compared to LKS in “Family Honor”. PSH has gone through too much to maintain that innocent appearance he had in “Family Honor”. I like the tune of the drama, the first teaser and although I don’t know all actors, I believe KBS has brought together an interesting cast to accompany PSH! 🙂

    Enjoy your Sunday Stefi!^^