Lee Da In Casted for “My Golden Life”

Lee Da In has been casted for “My Golden Life”. She will play
Choi Seo Hyun, the 22-year-old sister of Choi Do Kyung. She is a college student with the charm of an innocent girl, elegant and graceful. She is born as a daughter of a chaebol and lives in a conceptual way, although she is raised in an environment which does not lack.

Lee Da In casted for "My Golden Life"

This casting is interesting, because she will play Park Si Hoo’s younger sister in “My Golden Life”. It is not the first time for Park Si Hoo to have a younger sister in a dramaseries. It happened once before in “Family Honor”. Although I didn’t like Lee Kang Suk at all, especially not in first half, I admired him for how he cared for his younger sister.

So I am really curious how the relationship between Choi Do Kyung and his younger sister Choi Seo Hyun will be! 😀

Credit: TV Report, thank you!

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