First Meeting Main Cast Members “My Golden Life” 2017.07.04

According to a drama official the four main cast members of KBS new weekend drama “My Golden Life” – i.e. Park Si Hoo,
Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan and Seo Eun Soo – met for the first time in Seoul on Tuesday July 4, 2017! The first script reading is scheduled for Friday July 7!

Main Cast "My Golden Life"
Park Si Hoo will play Choi Do Kyung, the son of the President of Haesung Group and director of the Strategic Planning Department. After graduating the MBA in the United States Choi Do Kyung returns to take his position in Haesung Group. He is a gentleman with a good physique and sophisticated elegance.

Shin Hye Sun will play Seo Ji An, a contract staff member with a cheerful character of Haesung Group Marketing Department. She lived a good life until first grade of high school when her father got bankrupt.

Lee Tae Hwan will play Sun Woo Hyuk, a high school friend of
Seo Ji An with a bright, outgoing and outspoken character. He is a newly graduated industrial design student and working as the sole representative for a DIY interior furnishing company.

Seo Eun Soo will play Seo Ji Soo, an illegitimate child and younger sister of Seo Ji An. Also a graduate and working part-time only.

My Golden Life” is a drama about a woman who seizes the opportunity to raise her social status, but falling into the pitfalls. In the process, she finds happiness though.

The broadcast of “My Golden Life” is planned after the ending of “My Father is Strange” in August/September 2017.

Credit: Daily Sports &, thank you!

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First Meeting Main Cast Members “My Golden Life” 2017.07.04 — 7 Comments

  1. hi ! thanks for giving us this specifics. look foward to see this drama !!!!!

    • You’re welcome Claudie! 🙂

      Yes, me too. Hope you can find a place where the internet signal is strong enough, because most probably KBS World will provide videos with English translation on YouTube! The video for “My Father is Strange” follows a few hours after “live” broadcast with English translation! So I expect the same for “My Golden Life” when time is there!

  2. At last, after waiting so many years for PSH to come back and play in a K. drama, the day has come.
    And the first script reading of the drama today, by the main actors , is indeed a great victory for Park Si Hoo.
    KBS has recongnized his talent , casting him as the leading male actor , an act of courage from KBS against all the netiezens , who still try to boycott PSH. But he will do his best to deny their insult, injust, and frustrations he had to suffer all these years, by acting excellently as he has done in all his dramas before.
    A glorious day for Park Si Hoo and for his fans too.
    I’ll continue to support him as he is my favourite K. actor.
    Congratulations Park Si Hoo!

    • Yes, it has been a glorious day for all of us. Finally, PSH can act in a terrestrial Kdrama again. I salute KBS for their courage too, but they know PSH’s worth as well. Their last production with him, The Princess’ Man, is still a hit in Japan! Alongside the other dramas. The opposition is still there, but they can’t walk over PSH any longer. So I let them make their noise and just skip it!

  3. Que alegria! pero esta confirmada la aceptacion de la actriz principal? porque esta es el tercer nombre que veo. Ansiamos tanto ver a PSH nuevamente. Que saben de After Love? gracias W.

    • Hello Beby. Yes, PSH has confirmed he will play in “My Golden Life”. His female co-star will be Shin Hye Sun, the actress next to PSH in the photo. They have already had their first script reading. “My Golden Life” is scheduled to broadcast from September 2 at 19:55h local time! 🙂

      I’m sorry, no further news about “After Love”. Probably, it is on hold because of political issues among the countries concerned.

  4. Que alegria por PSH! esta confirmado? porque es el tercer nombre de actriz principal que leo. Ojala escojan mejor sus co-Estrellas que en su ultimo drama. gracias fiel W.