Cover ENISHI 5.3 to be Released 2017.07.31

The cover for ENISHI season 5, volume 3 to be released on
July 31, 2017 is known!

Cover ENISHI 5.3

It is Park Si Hoo wearing the Kim Seung Yoo hanbok during the first performance of his “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival Tour” in Fukuoka.
Most probably a lot of attention will be given to this tour. I am so looking forward to this copy of ENISHI! 

Credit: Mentorshop, thank you!

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Cover ENISHI 5.3 to be Released 2017.07.31 — 2 Comments

  1. Hello. Yes ! I was also surprised by this blanket. I thought he was going to choose a sport photo at sea or an allusion to the new drama! Yes it’s very touching because he wants to tell us “what touched me most in recent months, it was my meeting with my fans.” It’s beautiful!

    • Many photos have been leaked already. Probably, ENISHI will show them in special photo sessions. However, the drama festival is most memorable now and therefore chosen as a hot spot I guess, Claudie. 🙂