[VDO][KSTAR] Park Si Hoo Departing for “Dramatic Promotion” in Japan

The day Park Si Hoo left for Fukuoka on June 8, K STAR held an interview with him while walking along.

Park Si Hoo told he was going to Japan, because a drama he did was being broadcast on the terrestrial and he was going to do a promotion event.

The voice-over mentioned that as of June the works of Park Si Hoo are being broadcast throughout Japan.

Park Si Hoo responded he felt great about the broadcasting on the station.

The voice-over continued saying Park Si Hoo consequently, prepared a special meeting with Japanese fans called dramatic promotion. He also worked with a terrestrial broadcaster to record special broadcasts. It is known Park Si Hoo visited Kanazawa. The broadcasts will be packed with various aspects and is attracting the expectations of local fans in Japan.

Park Si Hoo said to K STAR viewers it had been a long time and he is coming to Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo for promotion now.

The voice-over concluded to say Park Si Hoo’s drama “Neighborhood hero” is once again popular in Japan with Japanese broadcasting. Hallyu star
Park Si Hoo’s unending steps will continue in the future.

Credit: Star News K., thank you!

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