[VDO] Thank You and More by Park Si Hoo!

On June 19, Park Si Hoo’s cats Jami & Dami, shared a video of their dad with two messages.


Credit: Park SIHOO JAPAN OFFICIAL FAN CLUB@youtube.com, thank you!

Park Si Hoo started conveying his thanks to his fans for making the drama festival a big success. He was happy that everything turned out well, but sad at the same time, because it had come to an end.

Then he said that soon….soon he would announce his new drama and asked for our full support and lots of love just as he loves us too!

So still no official confirmation that “My Golden Life” will be his next new drama! However, soon – please, the sooner the better – Park Si Hoo will reward our patience! I can’t wait to hear the official announcement of his next new drama from his own lips!

Credit: ParkSiHoossi.com, thank you!

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