TelePlus (Japan) Broadcasting Dramas & Interviews Park Si Hoo

In Japan TelePlus started to broadcast Park Si Hoo’s drama “Neighborhood Hero” every Thursday and Friday evening from June 15 to June 26. Two episodes each evening.

Park Si Hoo in Neighborhood Hero

They will broadcast “Prosecutor Princess” starting July 13 every week from Monday to Friday.

Park Si Hoo in Prosecutor Princess

“How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor” is scheduled to broadcast in August.

Park Si Hoo in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor
Because of the broadcasting of above-mentioned dramas and “Dramatic Thanksgiving Festival” TelePlus has also interviewed Park Si Hoo. These interviews, 10 minutes each, will be broadcast from June 20 to July 4. On July 5 all interviews will be put together in one extended interview and distributed through their YouTube channel.

Park Si Hoo Interview TelePlus

 Credit: TelePlus, thank you!

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